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The site is located in Aguadilla Puerto Rico. The pond contains 150,000 gals of water based on a recent survery

A 6a€?trash pump capable of deliveries above 2,200 gpm ( 0 TDH) is used to inject water into the infiltration well

A close up of the water stream.


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The test setup consist as follows: 1) A drop pipe 1.25 in. id seal into the 6a€?infiltration well. The drop pipe work as a vent/depth line. 2) A water level indicator (the blue cable reel) 3) A 6a€?gate valve was used in the rare event the well would not take water at the maximum pump rate of the pump. 4) A pitot tube use as a flow check on the flow meter. 5) Apressure gauge to check against the pump curves. When the gate is fully open there is no reading on the pressure gauge. 6) A flow meter/ totallizer . 7) The 6a€?trash pump capable of deliveries above 2,100 gpm.

A close up of the test set up.




?????????????????????? The meter shows a flow of 2,103 gpm with a total water volume injected of 6,548 gals. The test was completed when 103,000 gals was pumped down a 6a€?well.


The pictures shows the top of the well , the 1.25a€?drop pipe and the gate valve. Never closed during the test for this well.





?????????????????????? The pitot tube is used as a check against the flow meter. If you look closer the pitot tube shows a metallic float that rose to its limits. The pitot tube was setup for up to 1050 gpm. but due the skill used for the well construction the well was able to infiltrate over 2,100 gpm where the original estimates was from 400 to 1,200 gpm. This was one of the many infiltration wells our company has successfully completed.